Below is the list of vendors for our next show. To visit a vendors’ website click on their name. Vendor’s with websites are underlined and blue.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our show, click here to submit your request.


Hilda Etemadi – canaries

Al Larson

Michael Camire

John Messmer

Sherry Hill

Walter and Brenda, Monroe N.C. finches to macaws

Barbara Martin, Peaches Corner

Smiley small birds

Mike Wallish

Teresa Reeves Blue Fronts

Sandra Smith

Bills Bird Barn – Bill Jackson

Bobby Nipper Gainsville Florida

Floyd Barnett


Ronnie Smith Alabama

SC Quality Canaries


Lin Enterprises Inc.

SC Quality Canaries also has cages

Breeder Boxes

Sharon & Bob Hill, Hoganville GA

Acrylic Carriers Jack Koeing

Gene and Celia Wilson E Z Go Seed Saver


Janice & Kent Seyler, Fancy Feather Bird Toys

Jake Mountain Man Toys

Ibra Osa

 CooCoo Lady with toys


Fly Bye Birdie

Bird Feed 

Independent Choice Pet Supply

Other Vendors

Bella Embroidery

Doug Lee tree stands and electric brooders

Jack Koenig Acrylic Bird Feeders NO WASTE NO MESS

S & S Perches